11 February 2015
Thanks Janis. I'm thrilled with Thandi's progress. I came back from overseas last night to delicious bolognaise with gluten free and regular penne :) tonight Thand's is cooking the French chicken and some bran muffins!

Date: May 2013
Hi Janis
Joelene made us the schnitzel for dinner this evening.  It was DELICIOUS!!!
Justin does not eat chicken in any shape or form – he had 2 pieces.
She is making it for Shabbat tomorrow eve ?
Your course is amazing and she is loving every minute of it.
Thanks a mil...

Date: May 2013
Hi Janis
I would just like to thank you so much for the wonderful party you organized on Friday.
The kids had an awesome time – it was well planned and very entertaining!
All the best....

Date: Apr 2013
Hi Janis
Just to let you know that Joyce made us your fish dish last night (we have had it a few times) – the one made in a yoghurt and lemon sauce (served with mash/rice etc).. – it is absolutely divine!! ?
She has also been making the ‘french country’ chicken stew dish – divine! And we love the veggie  cous-cous dish and crustless quiches. She has been making some divine breads for us, and we love the Thai noodle dish (cant remember all the names – but I’m sure u’ll know what I mean).
We are not really a pudding family (and so haven’t really put her to the test in that area – but the main dishes are really good).
We look forward to the next round...

Date: April 2013
Hi Janis,
Just wanted to say thank you so much for the wonderful cooking course Francesca attended. She has grown so much in confidence and her meals are delicious.
Kind regards....

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